Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Community... just a thought...

I have been thinking a lot about communities. I can think of the obvious ones; university, local area, church, school etc. But I am also thinking about temporary communities, and if this idea even exists. (Maybe I am just making it up). It seems to me, that temporary communities are made all the time. They may only last for a few minutes or hours or a few days or weeks, but are they still not communities? I have these as examples so far:

- a train carriage of people, who all experience a homeless person asking them for money.
- a queue of people in the post office
- a room of passengers in an airport lounge waiting for news of their flight
- a queue of people in a bank who experience an aggressive person or maybe even a bank robber
- a group of people around a poker table in Las Vegas
- a group of strangers in a busy restaurant, waiting a long time for their food
- a group of strangers who were there to witness Barack Obama's winning speech
- a group of strangers watching a piece of theatre; no two performances are ever the same

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this....just a thought...