Monday, 12 January 2009

Chiswick House

Today the creative team had our first meeting. We discussed a starting point and all felt that going to visit Chiswick House would be the first step. We need to see the location we are working with and hope that on our walk round the gardens tomorrow we will be inspired. I have been looking on the website, and the first pictures I saw looked absolutely beautiful and I'm excited to go and start working there. An added bonus being that The Beatles filmed two music videos there, I will definitely try and find some of the places where they filmed and take lots of pictures like a geek. I hope that tomorrow is sunny, because I can see it being the perfect, uplifting day.

We thought it would be a good idea if we looked around first because then we could share some of our ideas with the rest of the group when we walk round together.

We also decided to do some research on the structure of children's stories, and see if we can find any common sucessful links. Although the structure and writing of the play is quite far in the future we also discussed contacting Jacqueline Wilson, who lives locally, as well as other children's authors and directors of children's shows. This would be to get as much advice possible to make our project sucessful aswell as invaluable experience.