Thursday, 14 May 2009

Internet communities

I'm a big internet geek and I was thinking about how many different internet communities there are. There are fan sites, chat rooms, blogs, dealing with problems sites and loads of other random ones. It kind of baffles me, the idea of people becoming friends over the internet. They could live at opposite sides of the worlds to eachother and talk to eachother day. It can soon become a little world where a group of people rely on eachother and can't live life without one another's emails or wall posts. These are people that they will probably never meet, yet know everything about them. How bizarre is that! A person that you've never met knowing more about you than the people you see every day! Personally, I think that people become addicted this strange world that isn't quite reality. Or is it? For them, it is their everyday life. You can never be sure who you are really talking to or whether your strange relationship is built on lies or the truth. It seems to me a lazy kind of friendship. One that is easy, and full of acceptable excuses about computers breaking or being hacked. A place where you can be any one you want to be, without the added work of having to keep up the new identity a few times a week seeing that friend in public, but a friendship where you can pick and choose everything. It's like designer babies!

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