Thursday, 14 May 2009

scary!! to me anyway..

I was on a district line train from Richmond the other day, I was on my own, feeling quite brave.. (my friends had only just left me after seeing me onto the train!) i was looking around the carriage - I like to make sure I've checked who is safe to me and who is not (I'm odd like that), I was just looking around when this man in sunglasses started shouting and swearing at me, asking why I was looking at him (I glanced..) I was terrified. Every possible way I was about to die crossed my mind. Luckily for me, a woman near me asked him if he was ok and then he started shouting and screaming at her instead. The train was still at the station but I was too afraid to move, sure I'd make it too obvious and he'd come after me! Then this woman in front of me, who could probably tell i'd stop breathing quite a while ago and was panicked, mouthed over to me 'breathe' a few times. I suddenly felt safe. Well, kind of. I've never experienced someone help or interrupt in a scary situation in public, and as I looked around, I realised that actually if anything was to happen to me at least a few of those people would have stepped in the way. For the rest of the journey (the man got off before the train left Richmond) as I looked around I was greeted with smiles from the other passengers. We had all experienced something together, and were for a few moments a little community (against the evil man in sunglasses!)

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