Thursday, 14 May 2009

leaving uni

This project has made me realise how much I am not ready to leave university. Because it's been a project that we've had to do, we've all been focused and made it (i hope) a success. We have been made into a little community, one in which I see the same faces everyday. The project has more or less taken over my university life over the last few months and the idea of it ending is a strange one. I don't like endings. I have adapted to this new community now and I'm happy to keep going like this for a while. But I can't, the project and uni will soon be over; I will not see many if any of these faces very often; or be able to walk around the university grounds as a student any more. I am being thrown out into the big wide world with all of the other graduates (a huge community of us!) and will have to fight them all for a job. I am definitely not happy about leaving university, the loan, the atmosphere and the freedom and opportunities behind. I'll have to start a whole new life with new people and somehow I'm not excited about that. It's an effort and seems forced; I'm happy where I am thank you very much!

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