Wednesday, 13 May 2009

magical lands

As the creative team, myself, emma, rosie and hardeep have tried to create a magical land. Having looked at Chiswick Park, we realised that there was potential to create a human land and a mythical, magical land with a lake seperating them. This idea also came about when we saw the big bridge. It is beautiful and we all immediately wanted to have a character who lived under the bridge. We came up with the idea of someone who guarded the land, and this developed into a magician.

Looking at the development of Milky the Magician, he has gone from being a magician who guards the land, to a clumsy magician, to an old magician, to a forgetful magician and finally to a magician who can't do spells (with a little mixture of all of the rest). I've found it really difficult to not get emotionally attached to the work we have been doing, something that I am constantly told off for doing in our creative team meetings! I find it difficult to forget an idea, but i'm trying really hard to move on!

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