Wednesday, 13 May 2009

script writer

Emma and Rosie, the directors asked me to be the script writer for our drama in the community project. I wasn't sure at first, but accepted anyway. I really enjoyed working as part of the creative team, so writing a script couldn't be too difficult could it?!

I admit it was quite a slow start for me, I went to rehearsals and watched what was going on; i don't think it occured to me that I should be writing material, i like to live in my own little bubble sometimes! We had already divided scenes up between the creative team, and I had to write the Kenneth the Caterpillar scene. The others had all written drafts for the other scenes, and I think i just assumed that the writing of the script would be the same - shared out, especially since the cast were using the others scenes as starting points in rehearsals. Silly of me i know.

I soon realised my role within the group, and started writing. At first I was just writing down and typing up what came out of improvisations in the rehearsals but I soon started adding my own writing too. The first time some of my work was read out was in a rehearsal for the character Kenneth the Caterpillar. The cast read my scene aloud before they tried it out. It was a terrifying experience and I honestly thought that people were laughing in a mean way because the scene was rubbish. However, I soon realised they weren't laughing in a mean way and that they actually enjoyed my scene. I am trying to learn to be more confident in my work as well as learning to have more faith in my classmates and friends to give me constructive criticism.

The more of my work that I bring to rehearsals the more confidence I am gaining in my own ability as a writer. I am learning to not take criticism to heart and to let go of the unnecessary parts that just fit with the show. I think these are very important lesson anyway, and it's about time i learn them!!

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